Nonaschwert Searching for a self-defence course for her daughter Nona got to know Bujinkan Budo Taijustsu more accidently. Her curiosity for this martial art led her to a seminar by shihan N. Stefanidis. That was the beginning of a Bujinkan career inspite of a severe knee injury she had since a sport accindent shortly she started a professional carrer in handball.
Soon Nona started organising seminars and skill enhancement courses with N.Stefanidis, K.Kanakis, R. van Donk.Discontent witht the hierarchies she founded Ninpo Asspociation, a non-profit organisnation. Its intention was to facilitate affordable seminars making Bujinkan knowledge accessible to interested parties and bringing forward the contants to the shidoshis.
Gratitudes to the following dojos which where members of the associoation:
Bujinkan Dojo Berlin / Carsten Schröder
Bujinkan Oberhausen / Herbert Zimmermann
Bujinkan Ninpo Berlin / Beate Nikl
Bujinkan Aschersleben / Rene Anton
As many other persons

Many of these dojos became personal students of the seminar instructors of those days.
Nona Simakis was the first 8th kyu who was invited to shidoshi kai in Germany.
She started her public relation activities for Bujinkan in 1996 with following projects:
Presenting Bujinkan in “Kampkunst Inernationat” magazine with interviews with Shihan Fröhlich, Shihan Kanakis and Shihan Stefanidis
A publicity campaign for over 20 Bujinkan dojos in „Kampfkunst International“
Introducing of the concept “Black Belt Seminar”
Presenting the charity seminar series for children
Publishing “Ninpo News & More” magazine with a print run of over 200 copies
Due to her commitments in Bujinkan Nona enjoys many cordial friendships all over the world.